How to get composites in Icarus


There are a literal ton of items to be researched and built in Icarus, the latest survival game from Dean Hall. This game has a bunch of Biomes to explore and research to do. Players will have to fight for their very lives against all manner of threats. Sometimes you can be burnt to a crisp by a fire. Other times, you could be mauled by bears. During all that time, you need to have a constant eye towards improvement. Some of the most advanced items in the game require both power to build them, and advanced materials. You need to get some very special high-end items for this stuff.

How to get composites in Icarus

Composites in Icarus are a late-game material used in some of the most advanced items. Here are the basic items you need to gather. organic resin in Icarus is the hardest thing to get here. To get organic resin in Icarus, you will need to combine Oxite and Wood in your Mortar and Pestle. Then, you can combine it with some ores to mix Composite Paste, using the recipe below.

  • Iron Ore x2
  • Silica Ore x2
  • Organic Resin x1
  • Gold Ore x1

You must combine these items at the Material Processor to make the Composite Paste. That Processor requires 30x Aluminum Ingot, 30x Copper Ingot, 12x Gold Ingot and 80x Electronics. You should now see what I mean about this being hard to do. Composite Paste must then be smelted at the Electric Furnace to actually make Composites in Icarus.

The Electric Furnace uses the following recipe:

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Where to get Silica Ore

Silica Ore is a pretty hard ore to find. The hard white rock is a bit rare, but at least it’s not stuck in dingy caves. You can get silica nearby to any rock deposits above ground. Again, you’ll find silica deposits in various open areas, not inside caves. You do need some kind of Pickaxe to mine it. Be on the lookout for the bright white ore and mine it when you come across it.

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