Where to get organic resin in Icarus

How to Put Out Fires in Icarus

Icarus, the latest survival game from Dean Hall, is quite popular. The newest smash-hit survival game on Steam is making a lot of waves. The concept of exploring a dangerous and realistic world is a lot of fun in video games. It’s even more fun with friends. Icarus being a survival game, lends itself pretty well to multiplayer. And with all that, comes a bunch of crafting and exploration to do.

When you want to play with your friends in multiplayer Icarus, there are lots to find and do. As you get through the various tiers of the research bench, things get complex very fast. The later recipes use things like Organic Resin in Icarus to make items.

Where to get Organic Resin in Icarus

You need to get deeper into the crafting and research trees to get this item. Organic Resin in Icarus is used in many crafting recipes for endgame items and tools. Organic Resin in Icarus is used for things like Carbon Paste. To get organic resin in Icarus, you will need to combine Oxite and Wood in your Mortar and Pestle. The Mortar and Pestle uses 4 Silica and 12 Stone to make it, so make sure to have that on hand.

How to get Wood

Wood is easy to get, you just need to cut it out of any larger trees. You can use your bare hands to do this. But by the time you need lots of Wood, you really should be using an Ax.

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How to get Oxite

Oxite has a very unique bluish color to it, find it in caves and mine the node. The item is used as a mineral in various crafting recipes, and is a great source of Oxygen. Oxite restores +9 Oxygen when consumed. Oxite must be mined with a pickaxe of some kind. You can just use a Stone one if you have no other option. The higher tiers of items will just mine it faster.

If you would prefer to learn, we have plenty of guides about this game. If you want to get your base set up, build that shelter. There’s some iron and steel you also want to make, as you get later into the game.  If you don’t want to mess with that, try out some cheats to make things easier. If you’re into endgame crafting, items like Epoxy become pretty important.

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