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SWTOR adjusts server merge plans after feedback


After the Autumn 2017 roadmap was released, a lot of players took to the forums to submit their feedback and discuss the changes. The first major change is that Bioware is renaming The Hot Prospect server to Satele Shan due to outrage from players over the name. Bioware cited offensive slang terms as the source of the outrage.

Community Manager Eric Musco wrote about the server’s renaming on the forums, saying that it wasn’t being changed because it was silly but because “that phrase could be taken in slang terms to be derogatory towards certain individuals.” The server will be renamed “Satele Shan,” after SWTOR’s prominent Jedi.

But a new server name isn’t the only change this week for SWTOR. Starting Game Update 5.5, The cap is being increased to 10 and the Conquest bonus percentage will be hard-capped at 150 percent. Both changes will happen with Game Update 5.5.

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