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Cars going fast is a big part of the Need for Speed series. But what happens when your ride isn’t fast enough for you? With Need For Speed Heat, you’re not stuck with that car rotting in your garage. When you want to get rid of a car, you can just sell it. Trouble is, the game doesn’t make this very clear for some people. Here’s what you need to know about how to sell cars in Need for Speed Heat.

How to sell your cars in Need for Speed Heat

You can sell cars in the game via your in-game garage. Just fast travel there and you will be presented with the management menu for the cars you own. Open up the Showcase option to see what cars you have. You can press X or Square to sort through the options you have in stock. Whn you find a car that you want to sell, press Select to pawn off the car on some other owner.

When you get rid of a car in this manner, you get around half of the buy price back in trade. It’s not great, but if you’re hurting for cash for upgrades, this can help. Try out some new cars and get rid of your old ones from time to time. This can help keep the game fresh. You can sell pretty much any car that you unlock, so feel free to change things up.

If you really need cash though, selling cars isn’t the way to get it. You get paid a lot more money to win races. Only sell cars you won’t use, not to make fast cash. It’s a far better use of your time to farm for cash by playing the game rather than flipping cars. So get out there and get racing.

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