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Halo 2: Anniversary Edition comes to PC May 12

Halo 2: Anniversary Edition

Master Chief is coming back and he’s bringing the big guns this time. Halo 2: Anniversary Edition will soon debut on the PC for the first time, bringing the remastered and reworked version of the best Halo game to a new audience with it first release to the PC. This joined the likes of  Halo: The Master Chief Collection bringing the franchise to the PC as well.

Halo 2 takes place shortly after the events of the first game, Halo: Combat Evolved. This second game sees the alien Covenant attacking Earth after a long and bloody war with humanity, that we are on the edge of losing. Master Chief has destroyed the Halo array around an alien world, considered a holy site to the alien forces. This new game considers the story from multiple perspectives for the first time by introducing playable Covenant characters and a new story arc. As the Chief comes flying back to Earth as part of the Earth defenses, he encounters a growing plot by factions within the Covenant to usurp control of the alien groups within and destroy all that they have built.

Halo 2: Anniversary Edition will fold into the rest of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC when it launches. The visual aspects of the other releases with all the flair fans expect. The 60 FPS visuals and upgraded graphics are just a taste though, as even the lore-based Terminals have been updated for the new release. All the multiplayer game modes and maps will also be brought in as well.

Halo 2: Anniversary Edition will mark the third PC release as part of the wider collections, with more to come. The next three games coming to the PC will continue the franchise. That means that Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo 4 will release sometime later in 2020 along with the rest of the games.

Halo 2: Anniversary Edition will sell for $39.99 as part of the collection bundle. Players can also buy it as an upgrade for the collection they already own for $9.99. It will even be part of a pack sold through the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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