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Massive Sale on Skill Effect MTXs in Path of Exile

Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis League

GGG is known for many things when it comes to Path of Exile, and one of them is a huge library of microtransactions. Now whether your feelings are positive or negative on this particular subject, you have to admit that Grinding Gear Games does a pretty good job of ofeering high quality, for the most part, effects and gameplay options for their players at reasonable prices.

And now, POE players wallets are about to get hit with a massive dose of damage over time, because the company is hosting a huge sale on skill effects for players to use in-game. The sale runs from now until 20:00 PST on March 18th.

Go here to check out some of these great deals.

If you’re a new player and need help getting started in POE 3.6, don’t worry, we’ve got you. There’s a new players guide to POE that lays out the basics of playing this ARPG. If you want a POE 3.6 starter build, that’s here too. We’ve also got a guide about the basics of Synthesis League and the Memory Nexus if you want that. For you end-game farmers, we’ve even got a guide to mapping in Synthesis.

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For the unaware, skill effects and other microtransactions in Path of Exile are a cosmetic effect players can apply to their weapons, armor, skill effects, and even pets, that allow them to completely change the look of their avatars in the game world. The game includes hundreds of options for these various categories, and the vast majority are purely cosmetic, as the only gameplay-affecting microtransactions in POE are stash tabs for storing your stuff. It’s a great system from an awesome developer.

Check out some of my picks for the best looking MTX choices below. There’s dozens of them on sale this weekend, so feel free to let some of those spare Points out to play and spend them on some cool new cosmetics for your avatars so they look snazzy as they blast their way through Wraeclast.

Celestial Herald

Automaton Arc

Sawblade Blade Vortex

Phantasmal Whirling Blades

Stygian Scorching Ray

Iron Maiden Ancestral Warchief

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