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Check out the exciting new V-Rally 4 trailer

V Rally 4 Hillclimb Trailer

V-Rally was a 1997 rally racing video game, developed and published by Infogrames Multimedia, for the PlayStation. It’s a uniquely retro and niche racing franchise that even had versions ported to mobile phones, the Game Boy Color and PC over the years. One of the things that set the original games apart from other racing titles at the time was that V-Rally was one of the first games in that era that allowed multiple players to race against each other directly.

This new version, V-Rally 4, takes a much more chaotic approach to racing games.  The newest installment of the game was announced earlier this year, and new tidbits of information have come out since then. Now, we have a new trailer for the racing game that showcases the central new mode in the latest rendition.

Not only does V-Rally 4 feature dozens of new tracks that span the globe, dozens of cars, and a much-improved graphics and physics engine, there’s a new central game mode to burn rubber in. Hillclimb mode is a new online mode that takes off-road racing to a new level. This new competitive mode pits multiple players against each other across multiple tracks. The game also includes an expanded Career mode.

Check out the announcement trailer for the game down beneath the cut. V-Rally 4 is set to launch on PC and consoles in September 2018.

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