How to get UC in PUBG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile has a fair few unique systems and mechanics for letting players have fun while shooting each other in the face. By scaling down the map and mechanics onto phones, the developer managed to make the core battle royale gameplay quite fun on the go. The amount of weapons and chaos is pretty fun when you’re running through bombs and bullets, but a lot of PUBG players have fun when they’re tweaking the look of the characters.

One of these systems is the UC, or premium currency in PUBG Mobile. UC in PUBG Mobile is the currency that can both be earned through play, but it can also be purchased through RMT. Purchasing it from the store is the quickest method of earning UC in PUBG Mobile. If you’re thinking about buying the premium currency, it can help to know what you’re going to pay. It’s a very expensive option if you’re looking to gain a bunch of the premium currency, but it’s still an option.

  • 60 UC – $0.99
  • 300 + 25 UC – $4.99
  • 600 + 60 UC – $9.99
  • 1,500 + 300 UC – $24.99
  • 3,000 + 850 UC – $49.99
  • 6,000 + 2,100 UC – $99.99
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UC in PUBG Mobile is primarily used to craft your own custom character appearance, or to give your favorite vehicles, weapons, and gear, new skins, or to rename your profile.

Getting UC in PUBG Mobile without buying it involves playing the game, as well as being competent at doing so. The first method is to complete the weekly and daily challenges, most notably those within the Battle Pass. Up to 600 UC can be earned by completing these challenges each season. playing the game in other ways can also earn Battle Coins, which can be traded in for UC. It takes a large amount to do the conversion though.

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