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HERO Put F4R2-Q Station Into Armor After Skirmishes with Pandemic Legion

After losing the system earlier in the month, HERO and it’s allies have launched an offensive against the PL controlled station.  Putting it into Reinforced mode after a series of skirmishes in both F4R2-Q and ZXIC-7.

Pandemic Legion forces in Catch largely stage out of the system of 1P-WGB next door to F4R2-Q.  This gives them an ability to respond quickly with assets to hold the  string of systems in Catch which they hold currently.  Although their limited presence in Catch does mean that HERO and it’s massive subcap numbers could turn the tide in the ongoing conflict.

HERO suffered a serious loss in the major battle a few days ago in HED-GP.  And looking for some payback, put a strategic force of HERO subcaps backed by a small group of allies in various subcaps.  The majority of the HERO and allied forces were flying T1 Cruisers with a mix of Logi.  Pandemic Legion flew a combination of T3s and Ishtars.  HERO and allies had a 2:1 advantage which most certainly helped them hold the field long enough to push the station into the timer.

The battle began when HERO forces had assaulted the station and were caught mid op by the PL response fleet.  PL came into the system unopposed and warped in at optimal to the station.  Starting to slowly whittle away at the HERO ships.

The battle started to turn in HERO’s favor when the Scimitars supporting PL were primaried and started to be destroyed, most of which were wiped out in short order.  PL then attempted to turn the tide by bringin in a small fleet of Purifiers.  But due to a miscommunication by the FCs leading the bomb run, most of the PL bombers came out into the wrong position on field, and were quickly locked and destroyed by HERO combined fire.

The bomb run did however serve to destroy a portion of HERO and others Logi and Tacklers on field.  Meaning that PL was able to begin withdrawing without much trouble after the timer was engaged.  Which is what happened only a short time after the loss of the bombers.

Primary BR

As PL withdrew, HERO decided to give chase, eventually catching PL in the nearby system of ZXIC-7.  HERO and allies were able to engage for a time, but the loss of significant numbers of Logi and other fleet support meant the second engagement was short lived.

All told, around 21 Billion ISK in assets was destroyed.  We shall see how the rest of the battle plays out in the next 24 hours.

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