Everything to know about Mementos in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting

Destiny 2‘s new Witch Queen expansion has changed pretty much everything about the game. There’s so much to cover, and so many questions to answer. There’s an entire arsenal of new weapons and gear to take into battle. As you explore Savathun’s new world, and uncover new foes to battle, other things may become apparent. One of the new features that seems to be confusing players is the Momentos.

But first, let’s recap some other basic systems. Not only are Exotic weapons coming out in all manner of new forms, but there’s also a lot more to learn. You’ll want to make sure you purchase The Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2. Without it, you will not be able to unlock any of this, putting a cap on your power levels in-game. But once you do, there are plenty of things to encounter and fight. One of the tools you unlock as you get through the story is called a Glaive. Then you need to consider the new Artifacts. These powerful items offer a new equipment slot to grant your Guardian even more boons in combat.

The Destiny 2 weapon crafting system actually adds six new resources to track. Each one is used as part of the DR weapons. Reading the description of a weapon will reveal the various goals you have to unlock perks, as well as extracting resources from the weapon. Be sure to do these when you can, if you plan to unlock more powerful weapons over time. Along with all of that, comes something entirely new. Momentos in Destiny 2 have been added. Keep reading to figure out what they do.

How to get Mementos in Destiny 2

Mementos have been added to accent the new weapon crafting. They’re an entirely cosmetic element though, so they don’t affect stats. They go into the new Momento Slot added to your gear loadout. When you get through the tutorial missions in the expansion, be sure to have a look around the UI and acclimatize yourself to all of the changes. But for now, let’s just talk about Mementos in Destiny 2.

To be able to use them, you need to hit the cap on a particular weapon. By competing in various modes, you can unlock unique cosmetics that can then be applied to a weapon of your choice. There’s already one added for the Gambit mode, which adds a single unique appearance for your weapon of choice. To insert the Momento, you will need to visit the Relic on Mars and insert the Momento into a previously shaped weapon. That means you already had to have crafted perks or other bonuses onto the weapon. Also, you can only have one of these cosmetic skins active at one time.

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The general expectation is that Bungie will add more over time. For example, you could get additional Mementos for the Trials of Osiris and Grandmaster Nightfall activities. Right now, Gambit seems to be the first mode that got this treatment. You can likely unlock more  Momento Curios to go into the slot as you play the game.

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