How to damage enemies before battle in Paper Mario: The Origami King

How to damage enemies before battle in Paper Mario: The Origami King

When you’re farming coins in Paper Mario: The Origami King, you may be compelled to start battling foes. There may be a risk though, as you don’t want to take too much damage when fighting enemies that you spend money on healing items. So here’s a little trick, you can actually damage enemies before battle in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

When doing this, and no it’s not cheating, you just have to have good timing. So anyway, here’s how to damage enemies before battle in the new Mario game.

When enemies come rushing at you, as they do in any RPG like this, you’re about to enter a battle. There can be multiple waves to a battle as well. So it’s probably a good thing that you come prepared. Even though the basic combat is pretty straightforward, it can become more tactical when dealing with groups. A great way to get the drop on them is to damage the enemies ahead of the fight.

So to attack enemies ahead of time, you need to pay attention when enemies come running at Mario. When any enemy is running at you, there’s a small window where you can get a free attack in. It’s not easy, as the timing is very specific, usually just before any enemy reaches Mario, but it’s worth it. Having to spend one less round attacking poses less risk during normal combat.

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The attack takes two forms: you can either jump into the air and slam down on an incoming foe, or you can use your hammer. Using the hammer does more damage, but takes better timing as it’s a quicker attack. If you don’t have enough time to stomp on the enemies, go for the hammer option. The timing of the slam is easier to get down, but obviously does less damage. The slam also can hit multiple enemies, so it’s great for taking down multiple enemies a bit before fighting really kicks off.

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