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Hades cross-save out now between Switch and PC

How to Unlock Hidden Aspects in Hades

Supergiant Games has announced that it has updated the Nintendo Switch version of roguelike dungeon crawler Hades, and that the game now supports full cross-save support. Hades cross-save will allow players to get their saves between the console and PC versions of the game. The ability to swap between platforms is so much easier now.

With all the new content added to the game, there’s been a bit of stuff that’s made the game a real big hit. But with it being focused on the Switch, there have been a lot of players wanting to jump to the PC. The game has been slowly getting new content since it launched. So yeah, lots of folks want the game on PC. And with the introduction of Cross-Saves, you can now use the game on either platform and move your progress over.

To use the Cross-Saves, select the Cross-Saves option in the game’s main menu and connect either your Steam or Epic Games account. Just choose the account that has your copy of the game and follow the on-screen directions. Cross-save functionality works one-way so keep that in mind. You can use the Help & Info section in-game to find out more details.

So what the heck is Hades?

Players take on the role of Zagreus—son of the titular Hades—as he journeys through the stylish environs of the Underworld of ancient mythology. You need to reach Mt. Olympus in your quest to claim new power, can you do it? You won’t have an easy time of it as there are many gods and titans standing in your path. Can you overcome the best roguelike of a generation and become a true power? Find out by playing this game.

The game presents all this in an incredibly engaging style. The gameplay is fast-paced and brutal, but not too hard on you.

The company has found inordinate success, making the game one of the standout hits on the Switch. And with cross-save now people can move over to the PC guilt-free, if they want to avoid any performance issues. Although it’s worth mentioning that the Switch port is pretty solid and doesn’t experience a lot of slowdowns. Hades is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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