How to farm coins in Paper Mario: The Origami King

How to farm coins in Paper Mario: The Origami King

Paper Mario: The Origami King is the latest game in the long-running spin-off franchise. This latest game sees 2D Mario returning to the Kingdom for new adventures. The game includes much of the classic RPG elements fans of the games love, but adds some new stuff too. The game even features an economy based entirely on coins in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

So how do you get more coins? After all, you need coins to enable Toad cheers, more time for battles, and additional items and accessories and more.

Filling Holes

When first beginning the game, there will be some very basic tasks given to you. One is to help Olivia bridge the gaps found all over. You will need to fill in the gaps you find with confetti of all things, but it works. Once you have explored the area and uncovered and filled more holes, return to Olivia. For each hole you fill you will be rewarded a small batch of coins that can be spent on other things. having trouble finding confetti, spend a little time smashing bits and bobs you find in the environment. For every smashed item, you get a small amount of confetti.


Battles are the most common way you will earn coins in Paper Mario: The Origami King. It does have RPG systems after all, and random bottles are a big part of farming those games. The trick is to actually be good at the game. If you take too much damage and have to constantly be repurchasing healing items, it’s a lot less helpful to battle for your coins. Before fighting, take a look around for the nearest Save Block and roll back the save if you don’t mind scumming it if you screw up fights too much. Basically you want to hover around the Save Block, trigger the nearest battle, and save if it goes well. Then you just repeat, rolling back the save if it goes poorly.

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Gold Items

If you get very lucky, Gold items can be very helpful. Gold items provide you coins based on how many enemies you hit with them. These items make for excellent farming tools in the game as long as you use them well. If you can, get as many as you can and then save them for battles with lots of tough enemies. Staking up multiple rounds with using Gold Items can be really helpful for your purse.

Find All Toads

The other best way to make coins in the game is to locate the hidden Toads. These NPCs are hidden all over the game, and finding them will get you plenty of Coins. The one good thing about this is that you never have to wander too far off the intended path for the game to find them. Just run around each area and look for any hints of Toads hiding around the place.

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