How to get and use pets in Among Us

How to get pets and equip them in Among us

Pets in Among Us are pretty interesting and pretty important to the gameplay. The popular new social deduction game from Innersloth is all about betraying your friends. One player is the impostor and they are meant to survive by screwing everyone else over. But there’s one thing that you can never betray, your loyal pets. You can get little buddies that follow you around and can be equipped to have some very interesting visual effects. You can have two more to unlock more pet slots as well.

Getting new pets in Among Us is simple, you just need to buy them from the store. There is a pretty major downside to this setup though, as you cannot get new pets for free, Meaning that you must spend real money to unlock any pets you want to use. There are also many other cosmetics for sale in the game. There’s a ton of hats too, if that’s your thing. If you want to see all of the bundles and prices, check here.

We expect that this will improve over time, with more options added as well as some better prices. Maybe even the devs give away some special stuff for free. As the developer recently announced that they’re choosing to improve the original game over working on a sequel, it seems like they wll be pretty in-tune with what gamers want.

There are currently five pet bundles in Among Us that you can purchase, and each one costs $2.99. Each bundle has two pets in it, with some unique options. There are even mini aliens as pets. The five bundles are:

  • Bedcrab pet bundle – Squiq and Bedcrab
  • Brainslug pet bundle – Brainslug and UFO
  • Hamster pet bundle – Hamster and Dog
  • Mini Crewmate pet bundle – Mini Crewmate and Robot
  • Stickman pet bundle – Henry and Ellie

In order to equip a pet in Among Us, you will need to be in a game lobby, You can join any public lobby or create a private one for you and your friends.

Once you are inside the lobby of the spaceship, look for the computer on the left side of the room. This PC is where you make various changes to your character. These include equipping pets if you have any. Any changes made will carry over from one game to the next. Just use the options in the Customize menu to make the alterations you want.

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