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AMD details FEMFX, new material physics processing suite


The newest software innovation brought to the realm of PC gaming from AMD is here. It’s a new multi-threaded CPU processing toolset for deformable material physics, using the Finite Element Method (FEM), called FEMFX. In other words, it’s a new tool for developers to make use of on PC gaming hardware that offers much more realistic rendering of wood, metals and other simulated materials in graphical scenes. The whole suite supports a wide range of materials and interactions between materials.

AMD has created the library for FEMFX in cooperation with developers and industry insiders to push graphical tech and realistic simulations to a whole new level. Terrain and model deformation is just the start. FEMFX will offer simulation tools for melting, impacts, warping and other forms of deformation on physics objects. The library accomplishes this by taking each physics object and interpreting it as a new mesh, and then applying new variables and modifiers to it as it deforms or is otherwise manipulated.

The tool looks really cool. If you would like to see what the tool is capable of, check out the demo presentation down below. The possibilities within the FEMFX library are pretty interesting as well. I can certainly see developers making use of deformation and other operations to craft unique puzzles. Could you imagine Portal-style puzzles with such a system in place?

Currently, the tool is being made available as both a basic code library, for sophisticated integration into custom engines. There’s also an Unreal engine plugin for those working within that space.

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Developers can download the FEMFX library and sample code from here. The Unreal Engine plugin is also available here.

Source: GPUOpen

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