How to fish in Hades

How to fish in Hades

There are a few hidden surprises in the popular roguelike Hades. As the game has found a new rush of players since its release on the Switch, players are now hunting for any advantage or secret they can find. Given that this game focuses on Greek myth and tons of bloody action. fishing is not something one would expect to talk about when discussing it. but lo and behold, you can go fish in Hades.

To fish in Hades, you need to purchase the Rod of Fishing from the House Contractor. This is just one of many upgrades an items you will find at this vendor throughout the game. You will need to get to a certain part in the game first though before you can buy the item. The Rod of Fishing costs 1 Diamond, which you can only get this early after defeating the Bone Hydra boss at the end of the second main zone. Just keep playing the game until you get it.

You can also get Diamonds in Hades by completing Prophecies on the Fated List of Minor Prophecies. Charon will also sometimes sell them for 1,000 Gold in their shop.

There are also a few other requirements to actually fish in Hades. Checking the House Contractor and looking at his Work Orders page should become part of your routine each time you return to life after a run. Keep completing the Work Orders and then checking the vendor for the fishing rod, eventually, it will spawn. You will also need to reach the Temple of Styx before the Rod will show up. Check back around the time you defeat that second major boss and you may see it.

Spawning Fishing Spots

Fishing spots in the game are random, and the chance to spawn one in a given room is determined by multiple factors. The first thing to consider is what Biome you’re in. You also need to take into account the number of rooms explored since a fishing spot las spawned. A fishing spot can only spawn when all of the following conditions are met:

  • The room can support a fishing spot (i.e. with some kind of water / magma in it).
  • More than X chambers (non-inclusive) since the last time a fishing spot spawned.
  • The check of spawning chance succeeds:
Fishing Spot Spawn Chance
Biome Chance Number of chambers since last fishing spot
Tartarus 25% 10
Asphodel 10% 10
Elysium 10% 10
Hub of Styx 80% 1
Chaos 10% 10
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You will hear a ding when a fishing spot spawns, to let you know to be on the lookout for it in that room. Usually this will happen when the player picks up the room reward or they enter a store chamber.

How to Fish in Hades

First, you need to clear the room you’re in with the fishing spot of enemies. You cannot fish until the encounter in that room is cleared. Once that’s done, head over to the glowing spot and cast in your lure with the interact (press E on PC, or R on Nintendo Switch) button. The bob will jiggle up to three times. When the bob is pulled completely under the water, you have a fish on the line.

This is where timing becomes extremely important. You need to reel in the fish as fast as possible for the best reward. Once the bob goes underwater, hit the interact button a second time to reel in. The faster you reel, the rarer the resulting catch will be. The rarest spawns are reeled in within less than  0.34 seconds, so basically as fast as you can humanly press the button. There’s a 5% chance to catch a Legendary within this window. But be sure to reel in before 1 second elapses, or you will miss your catch entirely.

There are about 15 different types of fish to catch in total. And you need to make use of any catches within that run. Fish caught do not carry over to the next run. You can take them back to the Chef in your house for Gems, which can then be traded for other items or resources at vendors. There are three rarities of fish, Common, Rare, and Legendary. Each one has an associated Gem value when sold to the Head Chef. Some Fish can also be sold for Nectar. You can check what the rewards for each kind of fish and rarity here.

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