How to become a fisherman in BitLife

How to complete the Land, Sea, and Air Challenge in BitLife

There are so many different things you can do in BitLife. Like many of the careers in this mobile life sim, you can do pretty much anything. You can even go fishing for a living if you want to. Yes, you can become a fisherman in BitLife. It’s a physically demanding career, but here’s how to do it as quick as possible.

The biggest hurdles here are two-fold. You need to first obtain a boating license before you can buy a boat. You don’t need to get through college or anything before you take the test, so that’s good. Now you can take your boat out into the water and go for a cruise. So when you’re going out on the water in your new boat, it might be a good idea to try your hand at fishing. That’s where this guide comes in.

Once you have the license, it’s time to buy the boat. Go into the Assets tab and look for the marina. Buy a boat you can afford. It may be a good idea to get a good job and save up first before swapping careers.

Head into the Careers menu and look for the Fisherman job. Since the results in the list are random, it can take some luck to get it to spawn. You don’t need to go to university or anything, although the pay is very low as a result. If you’re trying to make it rich, try a different career path.

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If you don’t get the job offer, you might need to age up first. If that doesn’t work, try restarting the app without saving first. That could reset the job pool and you could get lucky. The final trick is to change cities, try moving to a city near the water, or an island nation, that seems to help sometimes.

Once you get the job offer, take it and you can finally become a fisherman in BitLife.  Now you can go out and wrangle scaly friends with the best of them. Once you apply for the job, you just need to answer the interview question, it usually will take any answer. And now you’re a fisherman.

There you have it, that wraps up the guide on how to become a fisherman in BitLife.

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