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Autumn Harvest event is live now in Monster Hunter World

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Capcom has launched another in-game event for Monster Hunter World. This time it’s all about Halloween in the Autumn Harvest Fest Event. These events are always a treat for fans, and we’ve already seen events around other games like Devil May Cry and Final Fantasy XIV, so a “simple” seasonal event is a nice tonal shift.

As MHW fans would expect this event brings lots of thematic changes to the scenery and gameplay, as well as plenty of festive items. New things like themed fireworks, food items and lots of decorations are on offer during the event. But hold on, it’s not just new items and discounts that are drawing crowds back to the Hub for these events.

There’s a pair of new quests that were created in collaboration with Universal Studios Japan. These new hunts for Great Jagras and Dodogama will earn new armor set pieces called USJ: Gold Star Treatment and USJ Blazing Azure Stars! But there are also quests to take on both Pink and normal Rathian in order to earn the Mosswine Mask and Faux Felyne layered armor pieces.

Those looking for more challenge can also take on previously available Event Quests, including “Wiggle Me This,” “Egg Lovers United,” the Kulve Taroth Siege, returning Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons, and Behemoth (Extreme).

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Check out the trailer for the Autumn Harvest Fest in Monster Hunter World down below. There’s also some cool screenshots down there if you want to check those out.

Be sure to check over on the official site for more details about the event as well. The Autumn Harvest Fest is live now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, until October 4th. The PC version of this event is incoming.

Hunters of the Research Commission, excellent work surviving this summer’s hottest challenges. Between Lunastra’s relentless blue flames and the fierce meteor showers of the mighty Behemoth, we’re glad to see everyone still on their feet. And that calls for a celebration. Join us in the Gathering Hub for our latest seasonal event: the Autumn Harvest Fest!

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