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Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther – War for Wakanda expansion will release on August 17

War for Wakanda Release Date

Marvel’s Avengers has had a pretty rough time on the market. As Crystal Dynamics and Square have to try and salvage whatever they can from its corpse, there’s still a trickle of life left, somewhere. it would seem very likely that those planned roadmaps have been completely abandoned, judging by how little gamers seem to care.

The game lost 96% of its playerbase, and basically never recovered many of those thousands of players. The last DLC released was for Kate Bishop, who was brought out late last year. War for Wakanda might turn those fortunes around a little, but it’s doubtful that it will change the future of this game. But enough doom and gloom, let’s look at what the new DLC has to offer.

War for Wakanda is a full story expansion, offering much more than a basic character introduction. Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix promise a full 8 hours of story content. The new story will center around the introduction of Ulysses Klaw and AIM as new aggressors. Wakandan Jungles will feature as new settings in maps, with some new enemy variants to fight. These enemies will be built around the Klaw faction, so I can’t wait to see what they can do.

T’Challa will be voiced by Christopher Judge of Stargate and God of War fame. So there’s going to be a ton of talent and credibility behind the portrayal, great to see. You can see more of the story and Black Panther in action, in the trailer below. War for Wakanda is due for all versions of the game on August 17.

Crystal Dynamics previously teased Black Panther’s inclusion back in September of 2020, but the ongoing pandemic had other things planned. These delays are necessary, and hopefully, the outcome is all the better for it. To get players hyped up, there’s a free weekend coming up.

During this weekend, players will be able to get in an all-access session where they can play all the DLC, ahead of the launch of War for Wakanda.

As of now, only two other DLC characters have been added to the game. Black Panther would be the third, and presumably one of the last. It wasn’t always like this, but this game is clearly gasping for air. Let’s hope things get better with a new story to play.

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