How to Unlock Monk Maz Koshia in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

How to Unlock Monk Maz Koshia in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Monk Maz Koshia was a big part of Breath of the Wild, and they’re back in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. As one of the many unlockable characters, they’re a very powerful addition to your Hyrulian army of badasses. The Yiga Clan goons who have been giving Gerudo Town trouble are back and they’ve got a new weapon. And thanks to their powerful ninja abilities, you want them on your team. Here’s how to unlock Monk Maz Koshia in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. If you like playing Impa, you’re going to love this character.

As we noted in our review, there are a bunch of classic characters to unlock, and a small mountain of side activities to overcome. These are all bundled together as a suite of different chapters with story missions, challenge battles, and redemption quests galore. Doing these in a certain order can help you unlock the monk.

How to Unlock Monk Maz Koshia in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

You need to start by completing the second mission in Chapter 2, “Destroy the Yiga Clan.” From there, you can move on to the second phase. You need to gather three sets of rare drops and turn them in to complete three quests. These are the monk’s trials and completing them unlocks the ability to challenge Monk Maz Koshia in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity to battle.

Make sure to use the Sensor to locate these resources by the way. You can also farm for some of the rare drops like Diamonds. If you need directions, try farming “Echoing Footsteps,” “Cross the Hebra Mountains,” and “Cross the Volcano”  for Hinoxes, Lynels, and Taluses, respectively. Taking out the mini-bosses are a good way to get drops and XP.

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Here are the three trials and what resources you need to complete them:

The Trial of Monsters

  • 5 Ethereal Stones
  • 350 Bokoblin Trophies
  • 100 Lizalfos Trophies
  • 3 Wizzrobe Trophies
  • 20 Moblin Trophies

The Trial of the Mighty Foe

  • 10 Ethereal Stones
  • 1 Stone Talus Trophy
  • 3 Hinox Trophies
  • 3 Lynel Trophies

The Trial of the Stones

  • 7 Ethereal Stone
  • 10 Ambers
  • 5 Topazes
  • 5 Rubies
  • 2 Diamonds

Once you have ground out the missions and turned in the items, a new Challenge “Trial of the Ancients” will spawn on the overworld map. THat’s the true goal.

Much like some previous boss missions against the Yiga, this new battle sees you and your team dueling against Monk Maz Koshia. You will want to be at least level 40 for this fight, as the Monk will not go down easy. You will want to cook your best DPS meal before battle as well.

You have a time limit though, so go all out. Use all your big abilities to whittle their health. And make sure to pay attention for the symbols and use the corresponding abilities. Getting easy stuns is a great way to make you get some damage in. If you beat her in three minutes, the monk will be added to your roster.

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