How to get Fine Wood in Valheim


A number of players have been asking a lot of questions related to Valheim, and we’re here to answers some of them. Some quests are pretty easy to answer, some are a bit harder. With all the crafting items and recipes in the game, there’s a ton to do. Along with Core Wood and other basic materials, you need to gather Fine Wood in Valheim to make a bunch of different things. So where do ou get this item? use this guide to figure out where to find Fine Wood in Valheim.

Where to get Fine Wood in Valheim

You’re after a certain type of white tree in a few specific areas. Fine Wood is a rarer drop than Core Wood, so you may have to cut more than a few down to get some. But there’s a problem, when you approach with the basic Stone Axe, you get a “Too Hard” prompt. You need something better.

Where to get Fine Wood in Valheim

You need to find and chop down Birch and Oak trees to get Fine Wood. Trouble is, you can’t cut them down right away. Let’s talk a bit about where to look first. You will find these trees all over the Black Forest biome. There are some in the Meadows areas, but it seems easier to find in the woods. So how do you cut it down? You need an axe of course.

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Firstly, you need a pickaxe to gather ores. After you have at least the basic variant, you need to hunt for Copper and Tin. You need to gather as much of these two ores as you can get. You will then take those ores and make a bronze axe. You then need the following resources to craft a Bronze Axe:

  • 4 Wood
  • 8 Bronze
  • 2 Leather Scraps

Players must first defeat Eikthyr and craft the Antler Pickaxe, which unlocks the ability to mine the ore required for the Bronze Axe.

With that in hand, you can start your real adventure. You will need tons of wood, stone, ores and other items to make more advanced gear. And to make all the food recipes, you need quite a few upgrades. Take that new axe and get hunting. And if you’re having too much trouble, you could also use cheat codes in this game, if that’s your thing.

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