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How to get and smelt bronze in Valheim

Valheim is a game all about surviving the harsh wilderness of a Viking fantasy land. And yes, that’s as harrowing as it sounds. You need to hunt, battle and craft your way to power as you journey across this massive world. There are endless biomes to explore within the procedurally-generated world. And within that world, are endless monsters and horrors. You will need all your strength to live through this, and food in Velheim is the best way to keep up your strength.

And with the developers promising five expansions throughout the game’s life, there’s so much more to come. That means that it can’t hurt to learn the basics. One of the core elements of surviving in this game is food in Valheim. To cook food, you need to find the components and cook them with certain upgrades at the workbench. Use this guide to figure out all the cooking recipes in the game.

Valheim Food List

Here are all the current food items in Valheim. You will find all their stats including how much stamina and health you gain from them. The Duration is how long the effect lasts. The Healing factor is a measure of how good the healing is per tick, and Biome lists what biome you can find its parts in.

Food Weight Health Stamina Duration Healing Biome
Blood Pudding 10.0 90 50 2400 4 Swamp
Lox Meat Pie 1.0 80 80 2400 4 Plains
Serpent Stew 1.0 80 80 2400 4 Ocean
Cooked Lox Meat 1.0 70 40 2000 3 Plains
Cooked Serpent Meat 10.0 70 40 2000 3 Ocean
Fish Wraps 1.0 60 90 2400 4 Mountains
Sausages 0.5 60 40 1600 3 Swamp
Turnip Stew 1.0 50 50 1600 2 Black Forest
Cooked Meat 1.0 40 30 1200 2 Meadows
Bread 0.5 40 70 1800 2 Plains
Grilled Neck Tail 4.5 35 20 1000 2 Meadows
Cooked Fish 1 45 25 1200 2 Black Forest
Queens Jam 1.0 30 40 1200 2 Black Forest
Honey 8.4 20 20 300 5 Meadows
Yellow Mushroom 3.9 20 20 600 1 Black Forest
Carrot Soup 1.0 20 60 1500 2 Black Forest
Mushroom 5.0 15 20 600 1 Meadows
Raspberry 0.1 15 20 600 1 Meadows
Carrot 0.3 15 15 600 1 Black Forest
Blueberry 0.1 15 20 600 1 Black Forest
Cloudberries 0.7 15 25 800 1 Plains
Barley 0.2 0 0 0 0 Plains
Turnip 0.3 0 0 0 0 Swamp

Valheim Recipe List

Here’s a list of every food recipe in Valheim.

Food Recipe
Blood Pudding 2 Thistle, 2 Bloodbag, 4 Barley flour
Lox Meat Pie 2 Cloudberries, 2 Cooked Lox meat, 4 Barley flour
Serpent Stew 1 Mushroom, 1 Cooked Serpent meat, 2 Honey
Cooked Lox Meat 1 Raw Lox meat
Cooked Serpent Meat 1 Raw Serpent meat
Fish Wraps 2 Cooked Fish, 4 Barley flour
Sausages 2 Entrails, 1 Raw meat, 4 Thistle
Turnip Stew 1 Raw meat, 3 Turnips
Cooked Meat 1 Raw meat
Bread 10 Barley flour
Grilled Neck Tail 1 Raw Neck meat
Cooked Fish Cooked on the Cooking Stand
Queens Jam 8 Raspberries, 8 Blueberries
Honey 8 Raspberries, and 8 Blueberries
Carrot Soup 3 Carrots, 1 Mushroom

What’s the best food in Valheim?

Sausages are one of the best general foods in the game. If you want just basic food, you can go fishing in the game, but that’s not as sustainable. Other options are good too. If you want to churn out plenty of those, you will need to set up a farming system for boar to get plenty of raw meat. That will, of course, entail also having a farming setup for carrots or another food source for the piggies. It’s a pretty involved process, but it’s worth it for long-term survival.

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Rarer recipes like Blood Pudding, Lox Meat Pie, and Serpent Stew will restore more Health per tick, but require boss parts in some cases. Fish Wraps are comparable to all of these in Healing and Stamina recovery, and much easier to make. You might want to consider going for Fish Wraps if you’re looking for the easiest recipe with the best stats. Any of these will give you 250 Stamina, 220 Health and long duration on regen effects.

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