Animal Crossing New Horizons Pumpkin Recipe Guide

ACNH Halloween 2020

The new Fall update for Animal Crossing New Horizons has dropped. The 1.5 version of the game is making things pretty spooky, and players will be able to deck themselves out in costumes and hand out candy too. The big new feature revolves around a bunch of Animal Crossing New Horizons Pumpkin varieties that you have to grow, here’s how.

How to grow pumpkins in Animal Crossing New Horizons

The big part of the new patch is the addition of Pumpkins. You can grow orange, yellow, white, and green pumpkins, with each type tied to different DIY Recipes in-game. The player can grow them right now too, so here’s how. You can purchase Pumpkin Start from Timmy and Tommy over at Nook’s Cranny, but you do need to have the shop upgraded beyond the tent stage. Also, if Leif spawns on your island, he will sell them to you for 140 Bells.

Now it’s time to start planting. You can plant the starts just like any tree or flower. Dig a hole or just drop them directly from your inventory. Be sure to leave some space around them for them to grow. Each start can grow any color. The color of the pumpkin is random but weighted towards Orange most of the time.

Pumpkins grow in a four-day cycle. Day one is the start itself. Always water your pumpkin THREE TIMES each day to make sure they progress to the next cycle. The next two days will be at various stages of growth, with the fourth day being the fully ripe pumpkin which can then be harvested. The three waterings per day ensures max growth.

The best way to get all four colors is to plant a row of Pumpkin starts and wait the four days. Prune away any starts that aren’t colors you want, then take fully grown pumpkins and bury them. Just replace the removed starts with new Pumpkin Starts and repeat the process. You can grow a whole field of Pumpkin in about two weeks.

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Not watering the pumpkin sprouts will result in a single pumpkin harvest. Watering one time in the life cycle results in a double pumpkin, and watering them all three days produces three pumpkins.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Pumpkin DIY Recipes

You will need to farm 88 orange Pumpkins to complete all 14 of the new DIY Recipes added in the Fall update. Most of them are pretty simple, there’s a new wand option though if you’re into a spooky wand. The big new decorative item is the Spooky Carriage, which looks pretty cool. Below you can find each of the new items added as Animal Crossing New Horizons Pumpkin DIY Recipes:

  • Spooky Wand: spooky lantern x1, star fragment x3
  • Spooky Table Setting: orange pumpkin x1, iron nugget x1, clay x1
  • Spooky Carriage: orange pumpkin x30, hardwood x20, wood x20, softwood x20, iron nugget x10
  • Spooky Garland: orange pumpkin x1, iron nugget x1, clay x1
  • Spooky Standing Lamp: orange pumpkin x3, hardwood x5, clay x1
  • Spooky Fence: orange pumpkin x3, iron nugget x5
  • Spooky Scarecrow: orange pumpkin x3, wood x4
  • Spooky Lantern: orange pumpkin x4
  • Spooky Lantern Set: orange pumpkin x4, a clump of weeds x4
  • Spooky Candy Set: orange pumpkin x1, candy x3
  • Spooky Tower: orange pumpkin x7
  • Spooky Arch: orange pumpkin x10, hardwood x10, clay x3
  • Spooky Chair: orange pumpkin x3, softwood x3
  • Spooky Table: orange pumpkin x14, softwood x10
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