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H1Z1 is getting 50-player battle free-for-all later this month

H1Z1 Battle Royale PS4 Launch

With the oncoming launch of Season 3 of new content in H1Z1, it has been confirmed that plans are in the works to expand the game with a new mode that players can enjoy, of course they’ll be enjoying it by blasting each other in the face in a festival of carnage, but to each their own.

Producer Paul Matthys told Eurogamer a handful of details about the plans for the next batch of updates and new content, including an expanded Free-For-All mode with 50 players shooting it out. This new mode will debut on 21st February alongside a wider expansion of content meant to give players more to do and more rewards to earn.

The new FFA Deathmatch mode will run on a 15-minute timer with the ability to respawn instantly. The first player to tag 25 kills is the winner.

“Broadly speaking, we see FFA as our first opportunity this season to experiment with fun, fast-paced game modes that offer our players new gameplay types outside the traditional core battle royale modes H1Z1 is known for,” Matthys said.

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With the launch of season 3 there’s also plans to add in ranked leaderboards, and other new modes and maps aside from the 50-player FFA. The game is getting a 100-tier Battle Pass which has more than 200 new items, including new weapons and vehicle skins, new emotes, and nine full outfits. The team is also working on a new map, although details are scarce as to the what this new zone will look and play like.

H1Z1 and its various game modes have been wildly popular since their launch, especially with the and PS4 version of the game. It was the second most downloaded F2P game on the Sony console for 2018. Pretty good for a game that’s had to compete against the likes of Fortnite.

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