How to become a Marine Biologist in BitLife

How to complete the Under the Sea Challenge in BitLife

The week is over, and it’s time for the weekend to get into full swing. That means gamers all across the globe are hopping in to get things done. This week, BitLife has another new challenge on deck. This week’s challenge is a pretty simple one, once you know what to do. The Under the Sea Challenge in BitLife is new this week, things are getting wet and wild, and you’re going deep into the sea. There are a bunch of steps to this challenge, and it’s going to be a bit of a mess to get it done. These are all the tasks you will need to complete in the Under the Sea Challenge.

One of the later steps in the guide is getting the right job. There are many jobs like this in the mobile sim, and a lot of these more advanced ones are a bit of a bugbear to get. You need to spend a lot of time in school to get them, then you need to hope RNG is on your side. Keep reading to learn some useful tips on how to become a Marine Biologist in BitLife.

How to become a Marine Biologist in BitLife

The first thing you might want to do is use God Mode to make your character have high Smarts. This will save you some time and effort. If you don’t have that, just make sure to visit the library several times, each time you age up, and you should be fine. There’s also a Read a Book option in the Mind & Body menu that you should use for this as well. Just age up in early childhood, focusing on keeping that stat high.

Once you’re in High School, put the time into studying, and you should get a great academic scholarship if you’re lucky. Your parents may also pay for the degree if that doesn’t happen. The biggest thing you need to focus on during your early years is your education. When you go to college, pick the Biology major and work your way through the school grind. This will take a few years. It will be easier if you maxed out Smarts via the God Mode addon, but regular trips to the library can handle that for free as well. Your character will want to consistently read books or visit the library, and be sure to select the Study Harder option under the Education tab. This will help you do well in your degree.

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Once you’ve got the degree, move on to University. You only want to pick the Graduate School option, then graduate from there. Once you have the degrees done, just hit up the Occupation menu and see if the Marine Biologist job is listed under Full-Time jobs. If the job isn’t listed, you will need to either save and reset the app, or age up your character to get it to show up. Keep trying and refreshing the jobs list until you get the option you need. Finally, after those many years at school, your character can seek the Marine Biologist job. That will allow you to move on to the later steps of the guide.

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