The most hyped game releases of 2022

Gaming is a hugely popular hobby around the world, and one which has plenty of reasons to explain its appeal. Many people just love the fun playing video games offers, or the chance to try out the coolest new gaming tech. Others love the diversity within gaming and how the modern gaming sector has expanded into new areas. Gaming is huge in 2022 and it’s due to get bigger next year. The newest releases from some iconic developers and publishers will likely make pretty huge splashes, so let’s talk about a few of them.

Diversity and great games make for an awesome cocktail

iGaming is a great example of this and has been on an upward trajectory in the last few years. This has not only allowed it to become a multibillion-dollar sector, but also one that has made gaming more accessible to people around the world.

A great illustration of its current global appeal is how established iGaming (sites such as Casinotopsonline.com/de) has become in Germany. As in many other parts of Europe, Germans have really fallen in love with playing fun games at the newest German online casinos. When you also add in how big iGaming now is in other countries such as the UK and the USA, it is clear how central a role it plays in modern gaming.

In addition to the entertainment gaming provides, the interesting tech it uses and the sheer range of choice the industry now offers, there is one last reason why it remains so popular – the games themselves. But which are the hottest releases in 2022 to keep an eye out for?


As this Days Gone review shows, there have already been some amazing games launched in the past to enjoy. This Season though, is looking like it will be one to savoir in 2022 when it drops sometime in the fall. Set for release on PC and PS5 initially, this interesting title appears to have stunning graphics.

The storyline is also intriguing, as it follows a young woman who leaves her isolated community behind to discover the wider world for the first time. This allows you to travel across a vast, beautifully rendered world on all kinds of adventures. From riding along on a bicycle to painting, drawing and engaging with the game world, there looks to be plenty to stay entertained with.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch was a big hit with gamers, and this sequel is eagerly awaited by many. First revealed all the way back at Blizzcon in 2019, it is set for launch on all major consoles and PC in early October. At its core, it remains the same and includes lots of first-person, multiplayer action to enjoy. There’s a lot of fun to be had for players who wish to get competitive as well, as the year will get hot for the FPS genre.

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As a sequel though, there will also be some new elements to enjoy. New characters are promised – with the shotgun-wielding Junker Queen being one that most gamers are excited about. Overwatch 2 is also set to focus more on storytelling and has new a new Story Missions feature to uncover.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

If we are talking about games with a lot of hype in 2022, we need to mention this latest instalment in the COD franchise. Plenty of gamers will be eager to try it out when it launches in late October, and it should keep PC, Xbox and PlayStation fans very happy.

The game features the return of Task Force 141 from 2019’s franchise reboot and follows on from where this game left off. More specific details are thin on the ground at this point, but you can bet it will sound awesome, look the business and play like a dream.

Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones, which is due to drop in early November, appears to be a fun pirate romp on PC, Xbox One and PS4, which puts realism at its core. This game should take you right into the thrilling world of pirates, plunder and booty.

This is a title that is coming from the studio behind Assassins Creed: Black Flag, so expect a similar feel to the gameplay. With a focus on piracy in the Indian Ocean in the 18th century, players can embark on a vast solo game mode to become the ruler of the seas. With exciting naval battles assured and even the presence of iconic creatures such as the Kraken to enjoy, this looks to be a great game for 2022.

Hyped up games for 2022

The truth is that most high-profile games from top studios will get a lot of hype before their launch. In addition to the games we have listed above, we could have also mentioned FIFA 23 dropping in late September or NBA 2K23 launching in early September. The games we have listed though not only look awesome but already have a lot of gamers excited to try them out.

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