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Far Cry New Dawn announced

Far Cry New Dawn Announced

At the Game Awards this year, Ubisoft has announced a new game called Far Cry New Dawn.

This new game is the first direct sequel in the history of the franchise. It follows the chaotic and destructive ending of Far Cry 5, nukes and all. In short, the world has gone to hell, and you’re somehow stuck right in the middle of it in good ole’ Hope County.

And just like fans expect, all the typical gameplay elements of the open-world Far Cry games are there in spades. Far Cry New Dawn brings all of the weapons to bare first and foremost, with tons of creative and iconic weapons to use on the various in-game baddies you’ll encounter.

In terms of what bad guys you’ll face, there’s a lot of variety. There’s some sadistic Highwaymen which seem hellbent on killing a lot of people, you included. There’s also a ton of animals to hunt, and only some of them might be mutated freaks.

Guns for Hire is one of a handful of returning systems from previous games in the Far Cry franchise. And since Far Cry New Dawn is a direct sequel, one of the first in fact, there’s some direct tie-ins with its predecessor, Far Cry 5. Nick Rye’s daughter is recruitable as a Gun for Hire, for example. And these hired fighters work similarly to the versions from other games. In short, they’re NPCs that shoot bad guys for you.

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Another interesting twist is that this iteration of the franchise will include some new “homebase” mechanics. Far Cry New Dawn will allow players to build out a safe haven as they progress through the game, and then use that place as a base of operations and storage space for their gear. Crafting weapons and vehicles, training your Guns for Hire and managing your various side-activities is the main focal point with these bases.

The mission structure in Far Cry New Dawn is also fairly unique. Players will travel across the blasted and destroyed landscape of the US, like I said things didn’t end well in Far Cry 5, and you need to complete various missions to gather supplies, take out major threats and generally just try to make it out of this mess alive.

Take a look at the trailer for this post-apocalyptic spin on the series down below. Far Cry New Dawn is coming out on February 15, 2019.

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