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Stellaris: MegaCorp is bringing corporations and capitalism to Stellaris

Stellaris MegaCorp Expansion

We’ve got another expansion incoming for the absolutely stellar 4X game, Stellaris, and this time Paradox is taking capitalism and corporate greed to the stars with the launch of MegaCorp.

MegaCorp isn’t just another meager expansion to the space sim either, it’s a massive revamping of core gameplay mechanics and the overall style of gameplay in Stellaris. One major change is a complete rework of the old tile-based system from older versions of the game, and that is being replaced with a much less cumbersome population system that allows players to manage their production in a much more streamlined manner. Upgrades from new technology and resources on your planets are now automatically applied, and you can much more easily specialize production of a certain type on a given planet. Resources are also getting a touch of new elements with more complex systems for managing minerals and other raw resources.

And since we’re talking economic revamps in this expansion, the game is also getting new systems for trading and the like. We’ll also see the inclusion of an Internal Market and a Galactic Market, and planetary trade routes and trade value.

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MegaCorp also marks the launch of the free 2.2 update to the game, which brings in the gameplay reworks. In terms of unique additions MegaCorp adds in a bunch of new race creation elements like civics and ethics, as well as a new Branch Office mechanic. The megacorporations can also enact a unique policy to create a planet-wide metropolis on a sufficiently populous planet.

There’s even some cosmetic changes coming to the game with this expansion. For example, new interstellar salesman contain event chains and random offers that poke fun at things like loot boxes or corporate greed in the games industry.

Stellaris: MegaCorp releases on December 6 and you can check it out via the Steam store page. You should also take a look at the overview trailer for the expansion down below. Stellaris is out now for PC, and it’s coming soon to Xbox One and PS4.

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