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Torchlight II coming to consoles

Torchlight 2 is Jumping to Consoles

One of the better casual ARPGs of the last few years is making the jump to consoles very soon indeed.

Panic Button is partnering with publisher Perfect World to release a full port of their popular game, Torchlight II, to various current-gen consoles later in 2019.

The game offers a surprising amount of depth for a 2012 ARPG. Players can choose from multiple class choices, each offering their own twist on the idea of how best to blast enemies to bits and collect epic loot. The setting of Vilderan offers plenty of adventure, with randomly generated dungeons and legions of various beasts, monsters and undead to slay. Class choices vary from Berserker who also has his lovable and vicious beast companions, to the steampunk-powered Engineer, and several more. Players can even take their adventures online to engage some good old fun with their friends.

The console ports will ship with controls optimized for the platforms as well as graphical and UI overhauls to make the whole experience as smooth as butter. Console owners will also get some exclusive pets as a celebratory thank-you when the game launches.

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Torchlight II will be available on Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this September 3rd. Check out the trailer announcing this release, and showing off a bit of gameplay, down below.

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