How to craft a Pickaxe in Valheim

How To Upgrade The Workbench in Valheim

There are a few different types of pickaxe in the game. As you progress through the game, you will unlock more types of Pickaxe in Valheim. The basic versions are only really useful for the beginning of the game. More powerful enemies and harder crafting recipes need more advanced tools. Here’s what you need to do to get the basic tool

How to get a Pickaxe in Valheim

The Antler Pickaxe is unlocked after you loot a Hard Antler for the first time. To craft the first Antler Pickaxe in Valheim, you need to beat the first boss. So you won’t be able to get this weapon by any normal means in-game beyond beating the boss. You need to head into those standing stones and interact with the Deer Stone to get the boss to spawn.  Look below for the place you want to head to for the boss fight.

Where to find Elkthyr in Valheim

Fighting Elkthyr

Elkthyr is not an easy boss in the very early parts of the game. Bring along plenty of food and any healing items you can make for a start. Having a shield and a good weapon is a must. Throwing Spears and a solid bow are good choices for this fight.

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The boss has a mix of melee and ranged attacks that you need to learn to dodge. Don’t feel bad if you die, as you respawn back at your bed and just need to trek back. Dodge those lightning attacks and you will do well. Also be aware that the giant Stag can charge you was well. Watch out for it lowering its head, as it’s about to gore you with its antlers.

Once you have defeated the boss, a Hard Antler will spawn back at the stone where you first summoned the boss. Combine that with 10 Wood to make the Antler Pickaxe.  You will need a tier I Workbench for that. That’s the first level of Pickaxe in Valheim, which can then be upgraded with Copper and Iron to the Copper Axe. Mode advanced recipes like the upgraded axe need a Level 2 Workbench or better.

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