How to Read the Communist Manifesto in BitLife

How to complete The V Challenge in BitLife

In a surprise twist, a new challenge has been released in BitLife a full day ahead of its normal time. BitLife devs have released the new challenge a full 24 hours ahead, on a Friday. The new challenge once again takes after previous challenges, borrowing something prevalent in pop culture, and making a task out of it. This new challenge is much more niche, but still pulls from a very popular media property, V for Vendetta. Here’s what you need to do to complete the new V Challenge in BitLife. One of the first things you need to do is read the Communist Manifesto in BitLife, here’s how.

There are a few things you need to do to finish this new weekly challenge. Since you’re styling yourself after the iconic V, a self-styled revolutionary, why not rise up and break your chains? Since the game has a full library of books you can read, that’s part of the challenge.

To read books, open the Activities tab, and go into the Mind & Body category. You will find an option there to read a book. Clicking on that will bring up a random list of books to read. The best way to get complex books like this one to show up is to be older, and have a high Smarts stat. Read a bunch of books and visit the library to raise that stat early in life. At the start of your digital life, children’s books will be all that spawns. Eventually, more complex items will populate the dropdown.

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If you still have trouble getting it to come up, either try restarting the app, or aging up your character. These two acts refresh the book list and let you try again.

Assuming you have done the other steps, you should see the Communist Manifesto in BitLife eventually come up. Click it when it does and tap the book until you’re finished reading.

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