How to stop bleeding in Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep is a game all about survival. When you’re not struggling to find food and water, you need to be thinking about long-term survival. To make the best use of your time in the game, and ensure your survival, you’re eventually going to need to leave the starter island. You can focus on the basics like food and tools to start. From there, you need to learn some more things.

One of the more important things to know is about negative status effects. The typical survival game is pretty dangerous. Bleeding is one of many status effects, and it’s pretty bad. Players can get taken out very easily in this game. Poison is also a concern, but bleeds are much more dangerous. Bleeding in Stranded Deep is pretty lethal. The game applies a 0.15% damage debuff for each second that passes. Bleeds can take out pretty much any character no matter how far you get into the game.

What causes Bleeds?

Bleeding is a status effect resulting from a shark attack by either a Tiger Shark or a Great White Shark. So in short, watch out if you go swimming in the seas. Make sure to bring a raft if you can, that way you’re much less likely to get bitten as long as you stay out of water.

How to heal bleeding in Stranded Deep

Bandages can be found inside cabinets aboard shipwrecks—they’re very rare, but still extremely useful. Players will be able to craft them as well. If you have one unit of Cloth and a single Lashing, you can make a single bandage. You can carry four at a time in a stack. In addition to stopping bleeding, bandages will heal two bars of health.

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You may also use gauze. These are not naturally spawning items, and must be crafted. Players need to combine a few rare items to make this more useful healing item. To make a gauze, you need to combine a kura, quwawa, and a coconut flask. Given how hard these items can be to get your hands on, reserve the gauze for those really serious wounds.

You could also get into cheating if you’re not too keen on playing normally.

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