All ornament DIY recipes and how to get them in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

All ornament DIY recipes and how to get them in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The ornament DIY recipes are the new seasonal DIY items that can be crafted in the 2020 winter holiday update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These new seasonal items offer a Christmas flair for your islands, to get you in the mood for holiday cheer. And since 2020 has been such a nightmare of a year, it’s nice to take a break and put your mind off things with ACNH.

The new patch dropped this week, adding some new holiday items to be crafted. These are also joined by the snowy snowboy recipes from the last seasonal update this past year. But this new update has so much more to offer. The update also features an expansion of house storage to 2,400 items, as well as a new island transfer feature. This is great and a thing that’s sure to make the community happy. Anyway, back to the DIY recipes.

How to get ornaments

The ornaments will spawn in pine trees on your island. You will find a few different colors that can be used for crafting the recipes. Find a tree with an ornament in it, and shake it to get the treat down. They will stack like the Pumpkins, just be sure to grab them each day as they will not stay there forever. The baubles will start appearing for the recipes on December 15th, and will stop appearing on January 6th.

How to get ornament DIY Recipes

The recipes can be found from balloons, although the balloons carrying the DIY recipes will start appearing on December 15th, and will stop appearing on January 6th. There’s also a chance during this period to get one from a villager on your island. Be sure to check on any villagers crafting in their houses to grab some. The chance is random though, so balloons seem like the best bet.

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All ornament DIY Recipes in ACNH

These are all of the ornament DIY recipes you can make, and the resources you need to craft them. To build them, you need to claim the right resources. Much like the Halloween updates, the Nook’s Cranny store will also feature an item from the seasonal recipes each day, for a few thousand Bells. The bigger items will likely cost 20,000 or more though.

  • Big festive tree: 6 red ornaments, 6 blue ornaments, 4 gold ornaments, 5 wood, and 5 clay
  • Festive candle: 5 red ornaments, 5 weeds
  • Festive top set: 2 gold ornaments, 1 hardwood
  • Festive tree: 3 red ornaments, 3 blue ornaments, 2 gold ornaments, and 5 wood
  • Festive wall: 5 red ornaments, 5 blue ornaments, 5 gold ornaments, and 5 clay
  • Illuminated present: 3 red ornaments, 4 gold ornaments, and 3 iron nuggets
  • Illuminated reindeer: 6 gold ornaments and 5 iron nuggets
  • Illuminated snow: 9 blue ornaments and 3 iron nuggets
  • Illuminated tree: 8 red ornaments, 8 blue ornaments, 6 gold ornaments, and 6 iron nuggets
  • Ornament mobile: 1 red ornament, 1 blue ornament, 1 gold ornament, and 4 branches
  • Ornament wreath: 6 blue ornaments and 2 gold ornaments
  • Tabletop festive tree: 5 gold ornaments, 3 branches, and 2 clay

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