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Path of Exile announces Grand Sanctum and Eternal Damnation Supporter Packs

Conquerors of the Atlas

Once again, Supporter Packs have been refreshed ahead of the launch of a new Challenge League in Path of Exile. Supporter Packs in this grand APRG offer a mix of in-game cosmetics, cash shop Points to spend on whatever you want, and sometimes special physical rewards. Feast your eyes on the new Grand Sanctum and Eternal Damnation Supporter Packs.

The Grand Sanctum and Eternal Damnation Supporter Packs are true to their name, offering a whole new stable of cosmetic microtransactions and other bonuses for the hardcore Path of Exile fan. And with Blight League ending in a couple of weeks, Grinding Gear Games has finally unveiled these two new supporter options.

the Grand Sanctum pack, offers an armored angelic theme complete with plenty of celestial wonder. It comes with fluttering white wings, a glowing weapon skin, and the 550 Points these things usually do. Check it out in the trailer below.

The Eternal Damnation pack offers a much more demonic theme. Alongside the same 550 Points, players can grab a set of cosmetics ripped right from the jaws of Hell. The armor effects blend together darkness and bloodshed in a hauntingly beautiful tattered set. If you want to stride around Wraeclast looking like completely ghoulish hellspawn, here’s the ticket.

If you want more Path of Exile news, there’s plenty to gaze over. Grinding Gear Games has announced a slew of new content coming in the 3.9 expansion and beyond. The next major expansion is Conquerors of the Atlas in 3.9, coming alongside the MetaMorph Challenge League. Conquerors of the Atlas will bring a whole new Atlas and mapping system ahead of the anticipated launch of Path of Exile 2. Along with that new expansions comes a full rework of ranged skills, especially for bow-based skills. GGG is also introducing a new class of Support Gems in future expansions.

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