How to steal cars and sell them in BitLife

How to complete the Fast and Furious Challenge in BitLife

BitLife is a hugely deep life sim. CandyWriter has made a ton of events for players to experience. You can even get into a life of crime, and it’s going to actually be tons of fun. You won’t have it easy or suddenly make billions, but you can find success in this game with a less than scrupulous approach. if you’re trying to avoid prison in this life sim, keep this stuff in mind. There are several ways you can go to jail in BitLife. If you’re attempting not to go to prison because of a challenge, it’s good to know your risk.

One of many things you can do is to steal cars and sell them in BitLife. This is something you can do a few times per year. When you go into the right menu, you will be able to choose a car to steal. Once you’ve stolen all the cars listed, you must age up to do this again. Here’s a more complete guide on this process.

How to steal cars and sell them in BitLife

Making cash from stealing cars is a possible way to make some extra money in BitLife. When you want to steal cars, you need to go down to the Activities tab and click on Crimes.  Select Grand Theft Auto to try and steal a car. You get a set of options for 5-8 cars you can try to steal. The options will range in price greatly. The thing to keep in mind is that the game won’t make it easy. There’s always a chance to get caught. Try going for the cheaper cars first to try and minimize this chance. This will require a bit of car knowledge to recognize brands as valuable or not, but it’s not too hard to figure out.

Again, going for the lowest quality car to have the least chance of getting caught. If you’re trying to complete the Fast and Furious challenge, this is the best option to aim for. The more expensive the car, seemingly the higher the chance of being caught.

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Once you get a stolen car, you will be able to sell it to make some easy cash. Once you successfully have the vehicle, you can find it under your character’s Assets tab. To sell a stolen car, go to your assets page, and click on the vehicle you just stole and sell it on the black market. You will get a dropdown that has prices listed. Most of the time, going for the lowest acceptable price makes the car much easier to sell. The pricier a stolen car, the less likely it will be to sell.

And if you’re going for the mob approach, this process looks a bit different. When you’re actually in the mafia, you will be able to find that rank of Associate, it will be listed under your Job tab. You can then click your mafia rank and then click on the option to make money for the family. You will be able to do things like bank robbery and stealing cars.

When you successfully steal one, you can choose to Contribute it to the Family, or keep it for yourself. You need to contribute some cash to not get whacked, so don’t keep all the cars for yourself. When you contribute it to the family, the money from the car being sold is added to your annually take for the family, and you get paid 10% of the sale as a fee for your work. You won’t make much cash doing this though.

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