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Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Winter update coming this week

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Winter update

Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ Winter update is almost here. So soon after the Halloween update has wrapped and Jack has left islands until next year, we’re about to get into the true holiday that everyone dreads. Christmas and the rest of these holidays are about to invade your island with trees, gifts and more.

The update will launch on November 19th and bring with it another bunch of new seasonal items you can craft. You also get some clothing items to deck the halls in. There are two new themed holiday updates coming, much like the Halloween festival. Turkey Day (based on Thanksgiving) will be first on November 26, with chef Franklin handing out good food and decorations to your townies.

The following holiday of Toy Day, obviously based on Christmas, will bring even more festive decorations to the game. Players will also meet Jingle the black-nosed reindeer who will basically act as the gift-giver for the holiday.

There are plenty of cosmetics themed around both holidays. 9 new reactions and 6 new hairstyles are being added, as an example.

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The update will also bring the long-awaited functionality to be able to transfer save data and users to another Nintendo Switch console. This is something that has been a sorely needed feature since the game launched, as it made it impossible to move save files, say if you bought a new console and didn’t have a Nintendo account to use the cloud backup feature. One other feature being added that’s really welcome is that Item Storage at the max level of player housing is being increased from 1,600 to 2,400.

You can check out a video detailing the Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ Winter update below.

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