Null Sec Alliance Drama

Fatal Ascension closing down, corps merging into other Imperium alliances, EXE Moving

Fatal Ascension

Just moments ago, The Mittani confirmed recent rumors of Fatal Ascension shutting down. He did this in a coalition wide jabber announcement which you can read below, Enjoy!

Another former Fountain sov holder, Executive Outcomes [.EXE], is also making changes – though rather less drastic. Their move from their current home in Cloud Ring to Branch was announced on Twitter by Imperium leader The Mittani. This should complete .EXE’s slow migration northwards across the sov map.

directorbot: CITIZENS OF THE IMPERIUM: Unity teaches us discipline. Discipline leads to victory – and victory grants us the blessings of the Emperor amidst the ruination of our adversaries. We have accomplished the unexpected: divesting unneeded regions in Fountain and Cloud Ring, strengthening our borders in Vale of the Silent, and laying the foundation for our everlasting rule, all in a matter of hours.

Our foes expect us to be slow and cumbersome, yet they find themselves flummoxed once more as BRAVE announces their intention to take up residence in Fountain just as we depart, with our blessings. Brave may one day find the true path of Maximilian Singularity VI, First of His Name, but until that time, the policy of the Imperium mandates the violent purgation of those who do not obey or submit to His Will – save for a short window of positive standings to allow Brave to become caretakers of Fountain.

THOUGHT: “Ours is not to question His Way.”

Meditate, citizens, upon the final closure of Fatal Ascension, one of the oldest of CFC alliances. Know with confidence in your hearts that those pilots of FA who fought beside us in the past will all find a home within our new Empire.


The fortification of our borders requires that the Navy escalate its glorious purgation of our foes in the Delve Regional Designated Democratic Area. It is possible that the adversary may mistake the wisdom of His Plan for a sign of weakness; our only course of action is to bring about the total and relentless destruction of those who felt it wise to attack our innocent citizenry in Fountain last month. Delve will burn with the fires of our righteous vengeance until the foe breaks for good.

Should any foes – or any sign of democracy – be left in the rubble of the Delve Regional Designated Democratic Area, the Navy is both authorized and encouraged to shoot the rubble for good measure.

( ~Realtalk~ : FA is shutting down and all corps will be finding new homes within Imperium alliances. Brave is getting Fountain because fuck letting Kadeshi or Darkness or some Lawn splinter have it. We’re giving Brave temp-blue only to move in while we pull our assets out, then will reset standings and you can go back to shooting them. Our enemies seem to think that because we’re consolidating that we’re going to back off the Delve purge, and fuck that noise we’re going to keep hitting them until the screaming stops.)

~~~ This was a broadcast from the_mittani to all at 2015-04-16 22:25 ~~~

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