How to get Polychoron in Marvel’s Avengers

How to find the HARM room in Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers is littered with different resources you need to gather and craft new gear with. Smashing up foes and crates in missions will reveal a massive haul of these resources, but some appear to be harder to obtain. One item, Polychoron in Marvel’s Avengers, is one of the rare ones. You will not find this item in the normal missions resource drops. Polychoron in Marvel’s Avengers is used for a few different things, but primarily it’s for upgrading Artifacts for your heroes.

This means that to unlock the most powerful forms of gear and powers for your heroes, you need a lot of Polychoron. So that leaves many players wondering since it’s so useful, how do you get more Polychoron?

Getting it is pretty basic, it just takes some effort and decently-equipped heroes to accomplish. The key to farming more Polychoron is to do Faction Assignments. You’re going to need to head to the Chimera Helicarrier and be on the lookout for certain missions.

You will find Faction Assignments in the Helicarrier hub from various NPCs. By doing and completing each tier for various NPCs, you get a small cache of supplies, including rare resources like Polychoron. The drops are random, so you will need to work at it to get what you want. The Faction missions are a core part of the game’s progression, so just play through the campaign first to unlock them.

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The mission you want to aim for is the first solo mission where you play Tony Stark. Get to that mission and you should unlock the function you’re after. You should have an option to do Faction Assignments from there.

The Faction Assignments are not particularly difficult if you have good gear. You will find them more difficult than generic faction missions, but they aren’t too hard to do. There will also be a set of objectives attached to each run which you must complete. Completing all of the associated objectives will reward you a bonus cache of gear and resources. Be sure to break down any garbage gear you don’t want if you’re really wanting to get the most out of this.

So what are they used for?

The resource can then be used to upgrade Exotic Artifacts. This makes Polychoron in Marvel’s Avengers important to getting to the peak of a heroes power.
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