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Sucker Punch no longer working on Ghost of Tsushima

How to get Steel in Ghost of Tsushima

Sucker Punch has some bad news for fans of their latest smash-hit samurai adventure. Inside of the latest patch notes posted on the PlayStation Blog for patch 2.18 for Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on PS5, there’s something interesting. Amid the usual bug fixes and other patch notes, the game has a hidden bit of bad news. According to the patch, development on the game is largely over, at least for now.

The patch notes say that the company isn’t actively working on any new patches or content. Though there’s some small glimmer of hope left. THe devs say that they “will continue to monitor feedback on the community-run Gotlegends subreddit and messages sent to @SuckerPunchProd on Twitter for any high priority bugs or issues that emerge.”

This change would mean that no future expansions or major changes to the game are planned, and likely won’t be announced yet if they are. But in all likelihood, Sucker Punch has already moved the majority of staff over to new projects. Although given the scope of this game, we may have to wait some time for news on any new games from the studio.

The notes continue: “We want to say a huge THANK YOU to the entire community for the incredible amount of support and feedback we’ve gotten since launch. When Legends launched in October 2020, we never expected to have such an active community more than a year and a half later, and we could not be more thankful to everyone who has been with us on this journey!”

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The move makes sense when you think about it. This is a niche singleplayer game that has been out for some time. The game has been out for a while, and received a variety of updates since launch. And with the positive critical reception and sales it garnered, there’s a small glimmer of hope for a return to the game one day. But for now, the future remains uncertain.

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