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Wasteland 3 kicks off alpha focusing on combat

Wasteland 3 starts its combat-focused alpha tests soon

Since its announcement back in 2016, fans of the iconic tactical franchise have waited for more news about the latest iteration, Wasteland 3. And with the full reveal at E3 2019, InXile Entertainment showed off some new gameplay footage. Since then, the developer has been quietly plugging away at their newest game, Wasteland 3. You can see that gameplay footage down below.

This latest game in the franchise was a bit of a surprise, mostly due to the success InXile Entertainment found during crowdfunding. The developer was able to raise over $3 million of a $2.75 million goal. And as part of that fundraising drive, some backers of the higher tiers were able to gain access to early alpha tests of the new game.

And now, that alpha phase is happening, and it will focus mostly on combat. Players will be able to build different character archetypes with various perks and skills, as well as trying out various weapons in battle with various enemies. This phase of testing revolved around high-level play, so gamers and fans can experience pretty much everything the game has to offer, including player vehicles that are part of the endgame.

Alpha players will be able take screenshots, make videos of gameplay, and even stream, so content creators should have plenty of coverage if their excited about this new sequel.

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We’re still waiting on more news about the game beyond the testing phases, but at least fans know when to expect the final game. Wasteland 3 will release by spring of 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. And by the way, backers who play the Alpha and Early Access builds will be able to claim a GOG key for the full game on launch.

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