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Outward RPG launches into a brave new world

Outward RPG Trailer

Nine Dots Studios has finally dropped their new RPG, Outward, a solo or co-op adventure in a strange and trying land. The game world in Outward is a rich and complicated place, and it is incredibly dangerous for adventurers, even when those adventurers are working together. Take a peek at this dangerous new landscape in the launch trailer for the game.

Players will have to not only undertake the typical inventory management and fighting terrible enemies, but the game is actually really forgiving. Despite all of the dangers from beasts and traps, nothing can kill you. To be clear, Outward is not a survival game. You need to eat, drink, and sleep, but not doing so won’t kill you either.

The difficulty comes from the elimination of save scumming, because the game saves at every opportunity, this means that death may be meaningless, but your mistakes are not. This difficulty loop also manifests in the lack of a leveling system, which means you’ll have to buy all of your new skills and equipment from a trainer or merchant back in town.

All together, this challenge creates the sensation that immortality is kind of boring. To make all of this challenge easier though, Nine Dots has designed a pretty unique take on the co-op systems common to other games in the genre.

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Players working together can share inventories, making one player a pack mule for example, is totally viable. It’s a huge and sprawling world in Outward, and the whole thing leaves lots of room to explore. Players can whittle away the hours trotting from one place to the next, becoming rich in the process, or just meander, looking for the next interesting locale. It’s all up to you.

Check out the newest trailer for the game down below, and if you want to see how the game was made, there’s a series of developer dairies on the game out there as well. The most recent one talked up cooperative gameplay, while another hyped fans and gamers on the combat and spellcasting in the game.

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