Astroneer, Open-World Planet Exploration Game Revealed

Astroneer Launches out of Early Access onto PC and Xbox One

If one were to consider what the love child of Mincraft and Space Engineers were to look like, one would likely end up somewhere close to Astroneer. An open world and procedurally generated game about exploring alien planets in vast scale. System Era Softworks is laboring to bring the grand scale of the game to life, and even though development is still very early in the timeline, the progress looks great. System Era is attempting to bring the daunting scope and scale of planetary exploration into a fun and challenging gaming experience.

The player is tasked with eking out life on alien planets courtesy of mega-corporation Exo Dynamics leading the colonization effort. Teh player goes from exploring the planet, to acquiring resources, ancient artifacts, and new technology in order to improve life for the player. Being tasked with building out a colony against resource shortages, environmental adversity, and technological challenges makes Astroneer look like quite a challenge. Hardcore players of survival and exploration games will likely find something to love in the game.

The Astroneer team features talent from various big-name companies like 343 Industries, Ubisoft, and Valve. So interested players can rest assured that the game is in capable hands. However, there is no guarantee of exactly what we’ll get with Astroneer. But it does look very compelling so far.

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