Null Sec Sov Fights

500+ pilots beat each other senseless over Super Cap POS

At 03:30 EVE Time in the system of 1-5GBW a POS belonging to BRAVE which contained a Supercap assembly array came out of reinforce.  This was the second of these POSes in the system to come out after being reinforced by Black Legion. this week.  After losing the first POS to a BL cap blob, HERO came alive with a serious amount of diplomatic effort and morale boosting to bring together an allied fleet of more than 400 pilots against Black Legion. who brought around 180 allied pilots to their side.

HERO temp-blued both Imperium members and Pandemic Legion for this fight.  HERO brought triage Carriers to rep the POS supported by various subcap fleets.  The typical Eagle/Tengu doctrine with Scythe and Ewar support was fielded by HERO. Imperium groups brought a mix of Ishtars, Talwars and various other ships.  Pandemic Legion, WAFFLES, and Pandemic Horde brought VNIs, Tengus, and Arbitrators. TEST also third partied the fight in a small bomber fleet. Later in the fight capitals were used on both main sides.

To counter this massive blob BL initially brought in a Legion fleet with Guardian Logi, followed by several triage Carriers. Smaller groups roamed the constellation  in which the battle took place killing stragglers.

The fight initially began after HERO and allied fleets bubbled both the O-P gate and the target POS in 1-5. BL waited until the POS was closer to coming out to bridge in their capitals and support.  This way they seemed to hope to split attention of the various fleets facing them between multiple fights.  This didn’t work well for them as they were eventually forced to land on the O-P gate and deal with the combined forces there.  Quickly losing some of their Legions and Guardians, they seemed to pull back and try to bait their enemies into a more favorable fight.  The next few minutes were a series of cat and mouse games between BL and HERO/allied DPS fleets chasing each other across multiple systems.

Several smaller fights broke out during this time in which several Billion ISK on both sides were lost. More than a few incidents of “blue-shooting” between temporarily allied fleets were reported, allegedly due to standings mixups between various alliances.

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As the HERO forces were able to rep the POS after several minutes of fighting, the caps were called in to try and take out the BL Archons.  The Triage Carriers were chased down in D-Q04X where HERO capitals and subcaps pinned them down long enough to allow allied forces to swarm and kill four Carriers. Sadly for HERO, during this time BL were able to pin down and destroy several HERO carriers repping the POS.

As both sides pulled back from losing caps to temporarily weigh their options, the idea was initially considered for HERO to go alongside PL and reinforce Black Legion assets in other systems.  They started by bridging in a small capital force to hit assets in 7BX, leading to several BL Supers being deployed and 10 HERO capitals being lost in the system. Apparently due to a combination of not wanting to unnecessarily lose more ISK and potential diplomatic issues this plan was called off.  It was at this point that HERO and their allies parted ways and began returning home, having won the day.

As of right now, HERO and allies stand as  victors strategically. Combined their losses were around 38 Billion, leaving BL with at least 40 Billion in losses. Having saved the super POS, HERO will likely dust itself off and work on implementing changes put forward by Exec Lychton Kondur in a recent SOTA. This will likely lead to BL attempting to evoke more fights from their neighbors in the coming days by hitting more POS structures and POCOs.

The current BR can be seen here for the main fight. As always, slow loading of killmails onto Zkill may skew the actual kill results in these, so please be aware and refresh the analysis if need be. A BR for the fights that happened today in total showing more than 70 B in losses can be seen here.

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