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Elite Dangerous Beyond Chapter Three coming soon

Elite Dangerous Beyond Chapter Three

Frontier has released a trailer and other new information about Elite Dangerous Beyond Chapter Three this week. Peep on the full forum announcement on the official site.

These Beyond updates will conclude later in 2018, but they’re just the start. These content patches are laying the groundwork for things like expanded planetary exploration and interaction, as well as a wider stable of ships and other things for players to screw around with. With that said, let’s dig in to some specifics about Chapter Three of Beyond.

There’s a big focus with this update on expanding player interactions and opportunities. Elite Dangerous Beyond Chapter Three will add a host of new Wing Missions that will allow Commanders to take on a series of challenges as a group.

For the uninitiated, Elite Dangerous Beyond is the codename of sorts for the newest batch of content updates for the space sim. In Chapter One, we saw the continuation of the escalating war between humanity and the Thargoids. Chapter Two expanded on said conflict, while giving Commanders access to new weapon types and other activities. Both updates added new starships, and a bunch of new missions and other content. Chapter Three looks to be continuing that trend with more content and bug fixes.

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One of the other additions aside from missions and expanded interactions is the inclusion of a new class of ships. Hybrid Fighters come in three variants, each with their own weapon setups and designed roles. And to unlock these new ships, players will have to hunt down new blueprints through an event chain surrounding the Guardian Beacons scattered around. There are three variants, Trident, Javelin, and Lance.

Elite Dangerous Alliance Crusader

And it’s not just new Fighters either, more combat-focused ships are coming too. Complementing the newly launched fighter range is the brand-new Alliance Crusader. And since it’s being billed as mid-range crew with a small crew, but it has the ability to launch fighters, giving it a distinct advantage over similarly sized craft.

Check out the trailer for Chapter Three of Elite Dangerous Beyond down below. Beyond Chapter 3 will drop on August 28.

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