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BRAVE loses SCSAA, Lychton makes moves to change for the better

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This post isn’t going to be a Battle Report, other than to say we lost a POS to BL despite the impressive showing compared to our previous numbers. This trend of stagnation and bureaucracy seems to finally be falling away. And tonight a short written SOTA/SOTC from Lychton Kondur revealed an interesting future for the newbies.

For me the biggest change is the intention to dissolve the CNM and replace the system with a potentially more meritocratic setup.  While I don’t think HERO will end reinventing the wheel and creating the first major Anarchist revolution of EVE or anything like that, it seems Lychton is actually taking internal and external feedback to heart. And is genuinely showing his dedication and willingness to change.

These next few weeks will be critical, and how these changes are put into practice in an effective manner will be interesting to see.  I for one am glad that these changes are coming, and and I’m on the edge of my seat with hope that they bring about a revival of sorts for morale within HERO. It’s refreshing to see Lychton acknowledge in a small way the flaws within the organization and it’s rhetoric.  Hopefully those words transform into direct action at all levels.  I’m already seeing some interesting discussions of new doctrines to counter BL becoming more common.  To me, engaging all levels of membership in the process of idea vetting is a great way to make them feel needed and not pressured. Hopefully that interest in collaboration and innovation is made universal within HERO.

The full text of the update can be seen here.

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