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Surviving Mars Space Race DLC Announced

Surviving Mars Space Race Announcement Trailer

Surviving Mars is a great game, it’s all about trying to survive on the inhospitable red planet, and it’s not going to be easy. The game will throw any and every challenge at you from technical failures and magnetic storms, all the way to famines and religious extremism. It sounds crazy, and things are about to get even crazier with a new DLC pack that was just announced earlier today.

The Space Race DLC implements even more challenges for the player to overcome. As the player takes control of one colony, the AI takes up on administering several other colonies. Problem is, there’s only so much money and resources to go around. You have to compete in terms of technological advancement and other objectives in order to beat the competition to grants and sponsorships.

We can also expect new content like missions, story elements and new technology. Each sponsor will have a variety of vehicles and buildings that only they can construct. There are 25 new buildings in total, which you can access through the game’s Colony Design Set. Other new content such as a whole new soundtrack is included in the DLC as well. The game will receive new J-Pop and Bollywood tunes, bringing the culture of their respective countries into the game.

Preorders for the expansion are currently open on the official Surviving Mars website. You can view the trailer for the DLC down below. The Space Race DLC does not currently have a release date. Although Paradox Interactive and Haemimont Games have confirmed a loose window of “later this year.”

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