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Project Zomboid

Trapping in Project Zomboid is an old addition to the game, but new elements have made it much more interesting and complex over the years. The process of Trapping in Project Zomboid starts with actually making the traps. If you’re into learning new reicipes, you should look for the magazine series called The Hunter Magazine. There are three magazines in this series and by reading them you will unlock the ability to craft traps. Here are the six basic traps you can use:

  • Snare Trap – 30% rabbit/squirrel catch chance – 1x Plank, 2x Twine
  • Stick Trap – 40% bird catch chance – 4x Sturdy Stick, 1x Twine
  • Cage Trap – 30% rabbit/squirrel catch chance – 5x Wire
  • Trap Box – 30% rabbit/ 25% squirrel catch chance  – 4x Plank, 7x Nail
  • Trap Crate – 30% rabbit/squirrel catch chance – 3x Plank, 5x Nail
  • Mouse Trap – 30% mouse/25% rate catch chance – Must be found in the game world

When you have a trap, it’s time to catch some food.

How to Trap in PZ

Once you have built a trap, you need to place it in a spot. There are a few considerations to make when it comes to when and where to place them. First, let’s talk about how to place and bait them. Right-click on the area you wish to place a trap, then use the action menu to open the Place Trap dropdown. From here, you can choose which one to use.

The traps being set is just the first part of the process. That’s right, you need to bait traps too.  You can forage items from the various zones by using the new Search Mode. There’s also plenty of grocery stores and kitchens to loot. The items need to be fresh, rotted food won’t work.

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Use the chart below to find out what kinds of items you need to use to catch each animal. The trap type and location will vary by zone, depending on what you want to grab. The Zone rating means that, the higher the number, the easier it is to catch that animal in that area. Just right-click the placed trap and then choose Add Bait to place the food inside.

Animal Zone Bait Time of Day Yield
Rabbit Deep Forest (15), Forest (12), Vegetation (10), Trailer Park (2), Town (2) Grown Vegetables and most Fruits Between 1900 – 0500 Rabbit Meat
Squirrel Deep Forest (15), Forest (12), Vegetation (10), Trailer Park (2), Town (2) Cereals, Nuts, Fruits and Vegetables Between 1900 – 0500 Small Animal Meat
Rat Farm (50), Trailer Park (40), Town (30), Vegetation (20), Forest (10), Deep Forest (10) Cheese, snacks and most fruits Any Time Small Animal Meat
Small Bird Farm (35), Town (30), Vegetation (30), Trailer Park (20), Forest (20), Deep Forest (20) Bread items and insects found through foraging Any Time Small Bird Meat
Mouse Farm (60), Trailer Park (60), Town (50), Vegetation (20), Forest (10), Deep Forest (10) Cheese, snacks and most fruits Any Time Small Animal Meat
How to trap all animals in Project Zomboid

This table shows players what kind of bait to use in a trap. The trap catch percentage listed above is the peak chance with a baited trap. If you’re having trouble, consider making a character with the right perks. The Park Ranger, Hiker and Hunter perks can all unlock new recipes and bonuses to Trapping.

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