Where to find chain in Valheim

Valheim Patch 0.146.8

There are many different hidden items and resources you need to find in Valheim. The game has a wealth of different items to craft, as well as enemies to fight. And to take on these tougher bosses, you need to upgrade your gear. For that reason, it’s a very good idea to prioritize upgrades that improve your combat ability. Many of the later upgrades in the game require you to also fashion improved crafting benches and the like. Here’s how to go out and find the chain for your various upgrades.

Where to find chain in Valheim

Chain is used for elements of the Black Metal shields, as well as to upgrade the Forge Bellows. You need that to make more powerful weapons and armor, so it’s very important. The item can stack up to 50 times, so no need to worry about getting too much to carry. It must be found out in the world, it cannot be crafted.

The item drops from a few different places:

  • Wraith drop
  • Found as loot in Sunken Crypts chests.
  • Found in Swamp in stone circle Draugr spawns
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You need to do some steps if you want to unlock the best sources of these items. Players looking for Chain in Valheim will need to get access to the Swamp Crypts. You first need to obtain a Swamp Key to get into these areas. You obtain a Swamp key from the second Forsaken boss, Elder. Once you get that, you need to use a Pickaxe to break your way into the crypts. Swamp Crypts, as the name implies, are found in Swamp biomes. Any chests found deep within the dungeon have a moderate chance to have chain in them.

Wraiths in the Swamp areas are a good source of drops too. These are tougher enemies that require some fairly good weapons to take down. It’s a good idea to have a solid set of bronze armor before taking these on. If you find one, take it out, and there may be a chain dropped from the mob.

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