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EVE Online Roadmap Update (Winter 2015-Spring 2016)

EVE Online Supercapitals

Hi everyone

Today, we are adding a lot of information about upcoming changes to Eve Online on our EVE Updates website. We want to get you more of this information earlier, and in this blog you’ll find a summary of what we are announcing today. We will keep adding more features and information as we refine our plans, and EVE Updates will have the latest information. Take a look, and give us your feedback as we develop all of these features in the next weeks and months!


EVE Online roadmap as of October 2nd

Always go to for current and accurate dates.


October 5th


New Launcher in Beta



November 3rd

Sovereignty Structure Modifications

Jump Fatigue Reduction



The Crimson Harvest

Invasion of the Throne Worlds Returns

Probe Scanning Map

More Ship SKINs

Toggle: Camera Movement When Idle

Brain in a Box Performance Update



New Destroyers

Ice Mining Frigate

Community-Driven Ship Updates

Mysterious Happenings in Drifter Sites

Missile Guidance Disruptors

Falloff For Neuts and Remote Assistance Modules

Ewar Module Tiericide

PVP Kill Marks on Ships

New Propulsion Systems

Module Effects Galore

Battle-Ravaged Hulls


Gamma Adjustment

A More Vibrant Universe

More Camera Options

D-Scan in the New Map

Physically-Based Rednering on Strategic Cruisers

Temporal Anti-Aliasing

Tribute System

New Tranquility Server Hardware

Project Discovery

Mac Client Improvements

More EVE Music



Capitals and Citadels


Stay tuned because there will be more to come during this timeframe.

Fly safe, and see you around!

/CCP Seagull
Executive Producer, EVE Online

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