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Mortal Shell gameplay trailer shows enemies and skills

Mortal Shell

With the new days news, Cold Symmetry has shared three new gameplay clips for its upcoming Dark Souls-inspired Action RPG, Mortal Shell. The new gameplay trailers tease a few different elements of the game that are coming together as development progresses. The footage showcases some rather impressive visuals, although that’s not the real focus.

The players adventuring through this dank world will need to have their wits about them, as this shattered world is extremely dangerous. As a warrior fighting horrors and evil given form, you have a few skills at your disposal that should aid in the battle. Fans get to see some of the attacks and skills in action, which is pretty cool.

We still don’t know how well fleshed-out the story will be in Mortal Shell. Although it’s pretty likely that the game will have at least some kind of lore driving its world. The polish being shown here is also really good. It looks like the developer has done a very good job optimizing and improving the gameplay and the various related elements.

Check out each of the snippets of footage via Twitter down below.

Mortal Shell will be coming to the PC in Q3 2020 and bringing with it a new take on the dark and difficult RPG.

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